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Concierge Plus makes life easier for property managers and security companies by giving them new ways to drive productivity and make condo boards and residents happier.

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A Resident Experience Management Platform Created for Modern Associations

In today’s technology-driven world, managers throughout the world wants to stay ahead of the competition. They understand that delivering a superior resident experience is what matters most, and that today’s tech-savvy residents see them as trusted advisors. Furthermore, they have experienced first-hand how the pandemic has rapidly changed resident expectations and how important it is to manage community associations remotely. Digital technology is now a necessity, and it is very important to invest in a solution with features and functionalities that benefits your team and your community.

For the past 20 years, our platform has supported thousands of associations worldwide and has been used by leading property management companies. Our Resident Experience Management platform has an extensive API ecosystem and hundreds of pre-built features designed for mid-rise and high-rise condominiums, HOAs and multi family apartments.

Ultimately what makes Concierge Plus the right Resident Experience Management platform for any community association is exactly that: It was designed and built from the ground up specifically for property managers, with the needs of residential property management industry in mind.

With Concierge Plus, you can automate your current outdated manual processes, allowing property managers, landlords and residents to do things on their own terms. Furthermore, automation increases efficiency, which leads to cost saving.


Enterprise-level flexibility, scalability and reliability

Our extensive library of APIs ensures a future proof, easy integration between Concierge Plus and other systems you already use or plan to implement. API integrations help platforms talk to each other and the enhanced communication between systems improves automation, which reduces the manual workload for you and your staff. The increased productivity allows you to focus on delivering the ultimate resident experience. Often an API integration also means a single login for multiple services that you may use, instead of having to log in to multiple websites.

Integration possibilities include accounting and payment software, electronic voting and proxy services, smart lockers, access control, and much more.

Your data within Concierge Plus is always yours. We will never distribute or share any private information on you, your community, or your residents without your consent.


Built with the needs of community associations and managers in mind

Our company DNA includes an understanding that we need to constantly be innovating our products to meet the needs of our customers in an ever-changing landscape. We regularly roll out new features, modules, and enhancements in response to customer feedback and global events such as COVID-19.

There are now over 30 modules in Concierge Plus encompassing hundreds of features designed specifically to manage the operations of a community association. Any of these features and modules can be disabled if not needed or desired.

Learn more about our features designed specifically for your community association.


We'll Help You Deliver the Ultimate Resident Experience

Thousands of community associations throughout North America use our Resident Experience Management platform.

We are often the preferred vendor for many management companies seeking technology built for the needs and challenges of Community Association Managers, Property Managers and Landlords.

Below are some examples of how we’ve helped management companies:

  • Streamlining desk services, resident communications, and internal systems for better community support.
  • Providing a platform that evolves with the management company no matter how they grow or how the industry changes.
  • Ensuring compliance with the Florida Condominium Website Law (FL718).
  • Running a safe and efficient community association while working remotely due to COVID-19.


Read our Customer Success Stories and see for yourself why our platform is the ideal solution for you.


Our customers are always in focus

We are not a startup. We have solid experience and insight required to deliver a solution reflective of the growing embrace and need for innovative real estate technology.

Furthermore, we partner with leading, global hosting providers, including Amazon Web Services, who provide a managed infrastructure along with architecture and security guidance.

Last but certainly not least, we believe that giving our customers an excellent experience at every touchpoint is paramount to the continued success and growth of Concierge Plus and we will strive every day to go above and beyond for you.


“It will make your life so much easier and make your business run much faster.”

Property Manager - J&W Condominium Management


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