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An enterprise-level platform that helps you grow and diversify your portfolio



We are a trusted technology partner for leading management companies

Property Management Executives value cutting edge technology and security, which is why we are a preferred vendor for North America’s biggest property management companies.

We have helped hundreds of property management companies streamline their team’s operational processes, saving them time and boosting profitability. Our Resident Experience Management platform is specifically built to increase the proactivity of managers managing either a single community or a portfolio of communities.


Enterprise-level flexibility and reliability

Our enterprise-level Resident Experience Management platform has helped leading property management companies deliver a superior resident experience for more than 20 years. With constant feedback from end-users and a dedicated product team our platform now has enough flexibility to meet the needs of today’s tech-savvy residents and can adapt to their evolving needs. A prime example of this is COVID-19 where our platform has helped hundreds of communities operate while keeping both staff and residents safe.

In contrast to other property management solutions, our platform requires a much lower investment of time and resources to get up-and-running. It offers hundreds of features, specifically developed to meet the needs of Community Associations managers and Property Managers.

We understand the importance of reliability and security and can assure you that you do not have to worry about system availability, security, and privacy.


Futureproof your ability to deliver superior resident experiences

Our platform’s extensive library of APIs ensures easy integration between it and the systems you already use every day, such as ePayment platforms, electronic proxy voting services, tenant application software, accounting software, smart parcel lockers and much more. With an extensive API functionality and hundreds of community specific modules, our Resident Experience Management platform is positioned to help you engage with residents today, and to build engaging experiences with them over the long-term.

You no longer have to worry about your investment degrading over time or replacing the system in three years; no matter how you grow or how the industry changes, our platform will evolve with you and help you continue deliver superior resident experiences.

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