How The Peninsula Aventura Is Prepared for Emergencies and Changing Laws with Concierge Plus

The Peninsula Aventura are upscale waterfront condominium towers located in the heart of Aventura, Florida. Peninsula One and Two are separate towers with a Master Association. In total, they boast over 13 acres, 446 units, and multiple amenities to offer their residents.

As the Managing Director, German Cabieses oversees all the activities and workings at The Peninsula Aventura, which includes over a hundred team members. With such a large property and team, German uses Concierge Plus to keep everyone on the same page, improve productivity, and provide superior customer service to residents.

German was happy to discuss with us how he runs the condominiums with the help of the Concierge Plus platform.

Before Concierge Plus: Challenges Keeping Everyone on the Same Page

Before German started managing the complex, there were three separate management companies that oversaw everything. German’s team was selected to manage everything in both towers as well as the master association. German oversaw separate managers for each section, but communication was disjointed. Although they had some tools to try to help make communication easier, it was still challenging to get everyone on the same page.

The leadership at Peninsula Aventura decided that they needed to consolidate everything into one system. When they saw what Concierge Plus had to offer, they knew that the platform was the perfect way to navigate their challenges. German liked the ability to customize the website to meet their needs, as well as the ease of being able to improve communication between the two separate towers. A month after they started managing The Peninsula Aventura, they selected Concierge Plus as the tech tool to help them manage the complex.

Seamless Communication Across Teams

Just as they predicted, having everyone on one easy-to-use platform made everything run much smoother. “With Concierge Plus, we gained centralization on any of our processes,” German said. “Distribution of information was much more seamless across the board.”

While they got Concierge Plus to help with their administration, they found that it could help with so much more than that. Tracking work orders, keeping maintenance on one platform, and booking amenities for both towers could be done in one system. As German said, “Everybody now is able to go to one centralized system and be able to find everything across the board.”

Concierge Plus also helped boost productivity for the staff at Peninsula Aventura. “Certainly from a productivity standpoint,” said German, “helping the team navigate through one centralized system across the board helps tremendously.” Utilizing one system has helped them keep more complete profiles on their residents and streamlined their process to provide a better customer experience.

Since using Concierge Plus, German and his team found themselves navigating one of the biggest challenges a condo can face: extensive remodel while still operating as normal.

As German explains, “when you do construction, and there’s no one living there, it’s certainly much easier. When you run an operation in addition to handling construction in a live-in facility, it becomes very challenging.”

Plus, German can ensure their platform is tailored to their unique needs. For example, their amenity booking can function exactly how German’s team needs it to. As he explains, “Concierge Plus is able to customize our system, then we can tailor what we need against each amenity booking.”

The ability to customize booking became particularly useful for the team during COVID. For example, they were able to restrict booking amenities to encourage social distancing practices. “During COVID-19, a lot more restrictions came about,” German said, “and Concierge Plus helped us navigate through those restrictions and be able to build those into our system.”

Beyond COVID, staff and leadership are now prepared to face all kinds of emergencies with the platform. Recently, when a cooling unit failed, the manager immediately jumped on his laptop to send an emergency notification to everyone in the building about the issue. Because everyone is able to choose the mediums they want for communication, such as email, text, or phone call, the manager was able to reach everyone quickly.

Peninsula Aventura

“Everybody now is able to go to one centralized system and be able to find everything across the board.”

German Cabieses

Managing Director, The Peninsula Aventura

Prepared for Changing Laws

In Florida, Statute 718 provided a significant challenge for many condominiums. It required that all documents from each association needed to be loaded on a website for the community to access. That meant that all meeting minutes, budgets, rules, regulations, condo documents and more, all had to be loaded on one streamlined system.

However, German and his team were prepared. Using the Concierge Plus platform, they put it all on one centralized system for easy access. As German explained, “If the residents wanted to see, for example, the meeting minutes from a board meeting that occurred a year ago, they could search for it and get it.”

With Concierge Plus, German and his staff were able to have everything properly loaded and were quickly in compliance with the new law.

Peninsula Aventura

A Streamlined App that Continues to Meet Their Needs

Although his team has been using Concierge Plus for the past three years, they continue to benefit from updates to the platform. With the use of the new Engage App by Concierge Plus, for example, their residents are able to book amenities, post on the community board, and log onto the system from their phones. All features are basically available in the app. Residents are fully immersed in the community’s branding starting from their mobile device home screen all the way through the website and notification experience. “Just from a board perspective,” German said, “They were happy to see the improved capability to utilize the system from a mobile perspective.”

Engage App by Concierge Plus allows German and his team to have everything they need at their fingertips. They especially liked that they could work at their convenience. German can respond to messages and upload a work order quickly without the need for a computer or laptop.

The residents are also happy with the new app. Peninsula Aventura has its own unique look and feel with Engage App by Concierge Plus as opposed to a generic app. Residents can reserve whatever amenities they need right away from their phone. German is happy to have the enhancement in communication and community that the app provides residents and staff.

Creating Positive Changes for Productive Business

Since adopting Concierge Plus, German has been able to increase the communication, productivity, and community at Peninsula Aventura. They are able to get a platform that meets their unique needs and makes work easier and seamless.

German is not alone in his results with Concierge Plus. “I have spoken to many colleagues as well,” he said, “and we continue to be happy with Concierge Plus from many different levels. I think the team is very content across the board.”

No matter the challenges they face in the future, German and his team are ready, thanks to Concierge Plus.


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