How The Building Group Operated During COVID with Streamlined Communication

The Building Group has been a leader in property management for more than 30 years. They currently manage many properties throughout the Chicago area, and are one of the larger privately-held property management providers. As a customer-focused organization, they are sensitive to the needs of their clients and residents.

Margo Smith is an expert in the world of property management. She has worked in the property management industry around Chicago since 1991 and is now Senior Vice President at The Building Group. As a supervisor for 17 different clients in the Chicago area, she understands the importance of technology in improving her clients’ lives.

She was happy to discuss with us how Concierge Plus enabled The Building Group to provide better service to their properties.

The Challenge: Bringing the Right Solution to the Tech-Hesitant

For a while, the leadership at The Building Group knew they needed a streamlined solution for enhanced communication. According to Margo, “We were really trying to achieve better communication with our clients.”

Leadership and property managers had no central place for simplified communication or a single platform. They relied on email and calling everyone individually, which was a time-consuming process. Their previous process was not the seamless platform they wanted. Sharing documents became difficult for everyone involved.

However, they knew whatever solution they selected would have to be simple. Many of the clients The Building Group and Margo interacted with were not computer savvy. In fact, some of them didn’t even own a computer at all! They needed something extremely intuitive, or their clients would not use it.

An employee within their organization introduced leadership to Concierge Plus as an answer to their communication challenges. When they saw how intuitive it was and how it could make their processes more manageable, the administration decided to give it a try.

A Streamlined Solution No Matter the Situation

Their need for a streamlined and straightforward solution led leadership to Concierge Plus. Margo was impressed with the amount of time it saved her over sending out individual emails and phone calls. “You’re not switching back and forth between email on other platforms,” she said, “Email blasts were much easier; even just general announcements were much easier.”

Margo estimates that she saves her about 10 hours each month now because she no longer has to rely on an awkward email system.

At The Building Group, the Announcement feature enabled them to provide quick and convenient communication with clients and residents. It is instrumental during emergencies because Margo and property managers can send out text messages and automated phone calls to residents in addition to email. They can have even more immediate communication over sending an email alone.


The Building Group

“Email blasts were much easier; even just general announcements were much easier.”

Margo Smith

Senior Vice-President, The Building Group

Keeping Safe During COVID-19 with Concierge Plus

During 2020 and throughout the pandemic, The Building Group relied on Concierge Plus to keep their communities running smoothly and safely when everything else shut down. Because the staff and leadership needed to work remotely, Concierge Plus enabled them to continue to provide vital services to residents from a distance.

Margo appreciated that she could use the software from anywhere. “It was pretty seamless transferring from working in the office to work from home,” she stated.

During the first part of quarantine, property managers had to keep most of the amenities in their properties closed. However, the Amenity booking feature became particularly useful once certain restrictions were lifted. Margo mentioned that they relied heavily on the booking feature to open up some of the amenities when it started to become safe to do so.

For example, their fitness centers were large enough that small groups of people could safely exercise, but they had to make sure their numbers were limited. Residents used Concierge Plus’ Multiple Simultaneous Booking feature to reserve time to use an amenity by themselves or in very small numbers to help prevent COVID-19 spread.

Not only did Concierge Plus make remote work a seamless process for The Building Group, but it helped ensure social distancing while still serving the residents.

A Streamlined Platform for Better Communication

Even for technology-adverse residents, Concierge Plus proved to be a valuable system. It not only made communication fast and seamless but enabled property managers to react quickly during emergencies. While they loved using its features before, Concierge Plus became even more vital during COVID-19.

Margo continues to find new features and encourages her property managers to discover more about Concierge Plus. “Each week,” she said, “We teach our property managers how to use the tool more than they already are, just because it’s a time-saver. Communicating with clients is easier than individual emails or, in a lot of cases, phone calls.”

She is proud that The Building Group discovered such great technology early on: “It was nice to be part of the cutting edge because now a lot of property management firms in Chicago are looking into the platform.” As she and her property managers discovered, Concierge Plus offers convenience and cutting-edge technology in one seamless platform. That is why they now use Concierge Plus in over 50 of their properties throughout Chicago.


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