How radioCITY Condos Ditched Pen and Paper for a Streamlined Solution

A critical part of being a board member is communication. As the representative of the owners, board members need to understand precisely what is going on in their building. Brad, a board member at radioCITY Condos, knew he needed to improve the communication and processes to work more effectively.

radioCITY Condos is a vibrant community with two tall towers and a row of townhouses. While the condos are high-end with commanding views and luxurious amenities, their processes were ineffective and behind the times.

Communication became a struggle, which meant that getting the information he needed was difficult for Brad.

Ineffective Pen and Paper Processes

Before Concierge Plus, radioCITY Condo’s lack of technology was creating serious problems not only for board members, but residents and property management as well. Brad stated that they were relying on “pencil and paper” to keep track of all their essential documentation and hadn’t used technology at all to make their lives easier.

It was a cluttered system that meant the concierge desk was full of various binders to keep track of everything. According to Brad, there was “one for parking, one for guest suites, one for the party room or the other boardroom.” It was a mess for attendants to keep track of, and it made for less than ideal customer service for residents.

Because nothing could be filled out online, residents had to visit the front desk if they wanted to use a guest suite or one of the other amenities. Since the records were located in only one of the towers, residents from the other tower had to travel even further to get to it. They then had to check to see if their desired guest suite or facility was available and manually fill out forms to reserve it.

Not only was the system bad for customer service and negatively impacted the resident experience, but they found that they were missing out on potential revenue. Many residents would not or could not bother to go out of their way to use such an archaic system, so they were not booking their amenities as much as they could.

As a board member, Brad struggled with the lack of transparency and the difficulty he had getting the information that he needed to do his job. When residents came to him with complaints or questions, he couldn’t see what property management was doing to reassure them or answer their questions. The board of directors couldn’t see how well the amenities were being used or if there was room for growth.

“I don’t understand how any condo could not have a system like this in this day and age.”

Brad Keenan

Board member at radioCITY Condos

Increased Transparency and Better Customer Service with Concierge Plus

Since switching to Concierge Plus, Brad’s duties as a board member have become much easier. He appreciates the transparency that comes with the platform. He has a report with specific information for board members that enable him to get all the information he needs. It also freed up property management’s time since they do not have to go back and forth to answer questions from the board.

Brad was able to more easily respond to resident requests and see how things were being handled by property management. He found that sometimes residents forgot that property management had communicated with them about their requests, so it helped that he could point that out to them. The board could also assess how well property management was doing. They could intervene if they found property management was drowning in work.

Concierge Plus improved transparency and communication for everyone else as well, including between residents. Through the platform’s Announcements and Classified Ads modules, they could communicate with each other and exchange any needed information. As Brad stated, the online platform allows residents to “have a more engaged community.”

Customer service has also improved. Residents can reserve a guest suite or other amenity online, making the process easier. Brad found that revenue for their amenities increased since launching Concierge Plus because more residents are now taking advantage of the more modern, self-service booking ability.

More than Convenience: Why Concierge Plus is Essential

Looking back at the time since Concierge Plus launched, Brad doesn’t know how radioCITY Condos functioned without it for so long. As he stated, “I don’t understand how any condo could not have a system like this in this day and age.”

Now Brad can be a more effective board member and work on behalf of the residents to ensure their issues are cared for, assess property management workload, and plan for the future of radioCITY Condos.

radioCITY Condos runs a stronger and more engaged community with the help of Concierge Plus. The resident experience has improved significantly as residents can now easily connect with management and each other. Management is free to focus on delivering great service as they are no longer encumbered by the binders and spreadsheets they used to rely on to store information. Management’s new streamlined approach gives residents more communication and overall more attentive service. Concierge Plus has improved the radioCITY Condo experience for everyone involved: residents, property management, and the Board of Directors.


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