How Premier Management Improved their Resident Experience During COVID with Concierge Plus

Premier Management Services manages properties throughout Illinois and provides its residents with superior service. When it comes to delivering an exceptional resident experience, Julia Farmer knows how important the right technology is.

Julia, who has worked as a property manager for over 14 years, manages two properties in Chicago with Premier Management Services for the past seven years. When the partners at the company decided it was time to switch their platform over to Concierge Plus, she was nervous because she wasn’t sure how well her staff would handle the change.

She knew her staff and that overwhelming them with new software might backfire. However, Julia and her team were happy to find out that the technology was easy to use. When COVID struck last year, having everyone on the same page was crucial for managing the properties. Concierge Plus not only helped streamline their systems, but it provided crucial assistance amid a pandemic.


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Before Concierge Plus: Twice the Work for the Same Result

Before Concierge Plus, Julia and her staff had simple systems in place to manage their properties. The package scanning system worked decently well for their needs. However, the main issue that Julia kept running into was the lack of integration. As software made purely for package scanning, they didn’t have an option to integrate with their resident database, calendar, or other systems.

Because of this, the staff had to use Google Sheets to schedule everything with the front desk in addition to using the software. It made twice the work for everyone, not only to scan packages, but schedule moves, construction work in the building, and work orders for maintenance. It slowed down Julia and her staff significantly.

Also, their website wasn’t as user-friendly as Julia wanted it to be. Residents couldn’t use it well, and it mostly functioned as a way for Julia to upload information. However, she found it difficult to use.

Although they delivered great service to their residents, their systems were cumbersome and difficult to use. That is when the partners at Premier decided it was time to switch to Concierge Plus.

“Concierge Plus has gotten my entire staff on one page, even though I’m working remotely…”

Julia Farmer

Property Manager, Premiere Management Services

An Enthusiastic Staff and Better Online Experience

Julia admits that when it came time to train her staff on Concierge Plus: “I was a little nervous,” she said. Her team all had different levels of tech skills, and she was unsure of how well they would take to it. However, the training with the experts at Concierge Plus made the process seamless.

She found that it made life for everyone significantly easier. Her staff was enthusiastic about the new platform. According to Julia, “I have to say, all of them dove into it, and even figured out functions that I didn’t even know about. Sometimes, they teach me!”

Everyone was happy to embrace the new technology because of how easy it made work for the maintenance and front desk staff. Not only was the interface easy to use, but they fell in love with the calendar system. There was suddenly no longer the need to do twice the work, and they could schedule everything at once across the entire system.

Efficient Remote Work During COVID

Since setting up Concierge Plus, Julia and her staff have enjoyed an easier workload and can provide their residents excellent service. When COVID struck, and social distancing became imperative, the platform was essential to their continued service.

Julia could not be in the building much of the time for safety reasons. However, because the software was so easy to use, the staff didn’t need Julia’s presence to help navigate the software. Concierge Plus has “gotten my entire staff on one page, even though I’m working remotely,” she says.

Concierge Plus also provided increased transparency to allow Julia to stay informed at a distance. She could see the entire schedule and even receive notifications when vendors showed up at a property. According to Julia, “If my exterminator was supposed to come that day, I get an email that he showed up. I love that.”

Between using Concierge Plus’s app and desktop features, Julia could communicate from anywhere. She could get her job done on the go and even work from the car whenever needed. The online resident experience is also a priority for Julia. Since the start of COVID, Premier has been able to deliver a high-quality experience with the help of Concierge Plus. Residents now use the platform more than ever to schedule everything, plus they can use the website to check for important documents and classified ads.

A Better Experience with Concierge Plus

With the help of the Concierge Plus platform, Julia and her staff communicate and schedule with ease. The easy-to-navigate tutorials and superior customer service made adopting the software in their office a simple process.

With everyone on board, the staff can get their job done with ease, even if they can’t be in the office. Not only is it easy for staff members, but residents as well. They have a better online experience with the user-friendly features on their website.

Thanks to Concierge Plus, Julia and her staff can work more efficiently and effectively than ever.


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