How Mirador 1000 Became a Modern Association with Concierge Plus

Mirador 1000 is a premier condo located in the heart of Miami Beach. They serve a diverse set of residents including locals and those from all over the world who use it as their vacation home. Their residents range from the young and upwardly mobile to retirement.

Not only is Mirador 1000 conveniently located to key South Beach destinations, but the building also offers impressive and convenient amenities. There is a 5,000 square foot state-of-the-art gym with daily studio classes and access to personal trainers; an expansive pool deck overlooking Biscayne Bay and Miami’s skyline; on-site valet parking; and even a convenience store so that residents don’t have to venture far if they need supplies.

Komal has been the President of the board at Mirador 1000 since January 2017. She, as well as the rest of the board, takes pride in creating a premier location for their residents and positioning themselves as a modern condo association.

Returning to Concierge Plus for Resident Experience and Data Protection

Mirador initially managed the building themselves when they discovered and implemented Concierge Plus. They used the software successfully and were impressed with its features.

However, they realized there may be efficiencies gained by outsourcing management to an established company. They decided to engage with a property management company to hand off the responsibility. That management company used their own proprietary software that they regularly used with other clients. The  board allowed the management company to start using its software.

The key concern the board faced was continued access to their data. They were happy with the management company and planned to continue using them, but also knew they needed to protect themselves should that situation change. If, for whatever reason, they needed to switch property management companies or wanted to go back to being self-managed, the data they had accumulated would be lost.

If they owned the software relationship though, “we knew we would always have the history and data,” according to Komal. They realized that they needed to address the new challenges introduced by this third-party software, protect their data and long-term resident experience, and switch back to Concierge Plus.


mirador1000Success Story

“I’m impressed with how easy it is to use and how feature-rich it is; it makes life so much easier for both management and residents.”

Komal Bhojwani

President, Mirador 1000 Condominium Association

The Switch Back to Concierge Plus

Both the leadership and staff at Mirador were impressed with how easy it was to implement Concierge Plus again. “The onboarding staff took care of everything,” said Komal, “they took all the resident data and set up a portal with all the amenities, workflows, and features. We didn’t have to lift a finger.”

They then trained management and new staff on how to use the software. Because it was so intuitive, the team caught on quickly and easily. “The layout and appearance is very self-explanatory with a friendly format and appearance,” said Komal, “It makes it a pleasure to use.”

Since the initial onboarding process, Concierge Plus rolls out great new features and enhancements regularly. “It’s been effortless to learn the new features and how to leverage the technology to serve our residents best,” says Komal.

They have also been impressed with the customer service that Concierge Plus offers. “It rarely takes more than one interaction to resolve any issue,” according to Komal, “The email support is excellent because the responses are quick, clear and concise.”

Since switching back to Concierge Plus, they have a renewed appreciation for the tremendous efficiency that the software offers. They can leverage fast and easy-to-use software so the staff can get all of their tasks done much faster. The robust software makes it easy for management to track data, such as pets, vehicles, leases, tenants, and owners.

Florida Condominium Website Law Compliant

When the Florida Condominium Website Law went into effect at the start of 2019, Mirador 1000 had already taken action to ensure compliance with the new rules with the use of Concierge Plus’ platform.

The law required that residents and owners should be able to access financial documents, association records, and rules and regulations, as many residents have experienced unnecessary difficulties when trying to locate or obtain such documents. The law’s objective was thus to address transparency and communication issues within condo associations.

It required that condo associations had websites that allowed owners to access documents. Some of the documents include:

  • Association agreements and contracts
  • Annual budgets
  • Financial reports
  • Meeting notices
  • Condo bylaws
  • Declaration documents
  • Articles of incorporation

Many condo associations were scrambling to find and post the necessary information, or create websites if they didn’t already have one, however, the management at Mirador 1000 already had the information they needed at their fingertips. They simply uploaded all the required documents to Concierge Plus’ File Share and referred their residents there for any information.

Concierge Plus also helped Mirador 1000 tackle Airbnb and VRBO activity. Short term rentals are illegal in Miami Beach, but the association struggled to curb the problem in the past. With entry instructions through Concierge Plus, management can quickly notice when new people were checking into any one condo too often.

Mirador 1000 now has the technology to match its modern premises, and residents are much happier with both the board and management. “We’re seen as a more modern building now,” says Komal.


Mirador 1000 Front


Mirador 1000 During COVID-19

While COVID-19 has taken their needs to a new level, the board was always aware they needed to prepare for emergencies. Hurricanes are a common occurrence in Miami, so they needed software that could respond quickly to any type of emergency.

When COVID-19 struck, they were prepared. They could make the management of parcels both seamless and contactless, which exploded as most residents took to online shopping even more.

Announcements for everything from relaying local laws to closing and reopening amenities are also more effective with Concierge Plus. Before, the board and management would have no idea who was opening their emails. Now, they have built-in and easy-to-use reporting to confirm which residents opened the announcement emails and who needed extra contact.

It also became easier for the board to continue its virtual meetings. “We can have a virtual meeting on Zoom, but still be able to login to Concierge Plus and have all of the association records available to us. If we need to look up a particular service request or something related to an individual unit, for example, everything is right there,” said Komal.

Mirador 1000 continues to run a safe and efficient association with the help of Concierge Plus.

Less Worries with Concierge Plus

Komal recommends Concierge Plus for any Association. “I’m impressed with how easy it is to use and how feature-rich it is; it makes life so much easier for both management and residents.”

The process of leveraging technology to handle the management process was transformative for Mirador 1000. “In short, it’s great software that satisfies the needs of both management and residents. I don’t think any Association should be without it,” Komal says.


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