How J&W Management Improved Communication with Concierge Plus

J&W Condominium Management has a stellar reputation for the past 16 years among condo associations. While they mostly work with high-rise condos, they also serve properties of all types and sizes in their area.  test addition.

Since they work with various condos with different needs, their leadership required a platform that could work on any scale. After years of relying on old-school communication methods, they knew they wanted to develop a better communication system and a way to keep track of essential information.

Maria Desforges is a property manager with J&W. She saw all that Concierge Plus had to offer and decided to implement it in three of the buildings she manages. Maria was impressed with how Concierge Plus changed the way they do business: they became faster and more cost-effective.


How J&W Management Improved Communication

Communication Challenges with Traditional Methods

For many years, J&W used the same methods for contacting residents about any upcoming changes or announcements, such as letting them know if the water would be shut off for the day.

Management would either be rushing to deliver announcements to each door which was time-consuming and risked informing residents too late, or using a bulletin board which few residents would check regularly. J&W did have an email and messaging system for emergencies, but they could only reach residents willing to sign up for it.

They also needed a way to keep information on their residents in one convenient location. It would take time to look up where a resident had their assigned parking spot, for example, or to register pets at the condos that allowed them.

Leadership came across Concierge Plus at an industry conference and realized that the answer to their problems was not as expensive or time-consuming as they thought it would be. Maria decided to test it with one of her buildings to see if it would work for her company and services.

Better Processes with Concierge Plus

Management was nervous about investing time and resources into a new solution. However, they quickly found that it was simple and easy-to-use. Plus, they were impressed with how much it could accomplish for them.

With the help of Concierge Plus, management was able to ditch ineffective paper processes and streamline their communication with residents. It saved them both time and money. Maria estimates they are saving more than 25% in distribution costs.

Residents were a little hesitant at first to provide their email address, which was a problem they ran into in the past. However, word spread quickly about how convenient and useful the new platform was and residents were quickly won over. The majority were happy to sign up and use the features available to them on Concierge Plus.

Beyond communication, management discovered the other easy-to-use features that also made running their business faster. They could find all the information they needed on a resident in one easy and secure location. Registering pets became quick with the Pet Registry feature. Residents could also find all the information they needed in the File Share feature, saving management the time it takes to speak with each resident and the costs of making paper copies for everyone.

Maria was so impressed with the ease and convenience of Concierge Plus that she had it rolled out to the two other condos that she manages. She saw improvements with those condos as well. Even though they are smaller and have different needs, the platform is flexible enough to serve them as well.

The resident experience improved as they enjoyed easy access to information. For example, they use the Classified Ads feature extensively to communicate with each other. Residents are able to quickly share and post items or services for trade, sale, or offer. Uploading pictures is simple and with distinct categories, residents can easily sort through and search through postings.

“It will make your life so much easier and make your business run much faster.”

Maria Desforges

Property Manager, J&W Condominium Management

Health and Safety During COVID

While management was impressed with all that Concierge Plus could accomplish during regular operations, the software became indispensable during the challenges presented by COVID-19. They were able to ensure the health and safety of their residents with many of these features.

While most condos were forced to shut down their amenities for social distancing measures, J&W’s condo was able to stay running. Concierge Plus’ Amenity Booking feature allowed them to limit the number of people in each facility and maintain social distancing. They were able to keep their pool open for two people or one family at a time and avoid any overcrowding.

With the front office closed to residents, Concierge Plus also helped management maintain contact and still provide services. Residents could look at the File Share feature to get any information that they needed. Management also sent out newsletters to keep everyone up to date. Residents can access previous newsletters through their portal as well.


A More Effective Business with Concierge Plus

Maria recommends using Concierge Plus to all property managers:
“It will make your life so much easier and make your business run much faster.”


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