Amenity Bookings

Manage your amenities while allowing social distancing

Make it easy for residents to book your amenities online! Save time by letting residents see availability at their convenience, and avoid a situation where too many residents have asked to use a particular facility at a given time.


    Multiple Simultaneous Amenity Bookings

    As social distancing restrictions are loosen, pools and gyms begin to re-open. One challenge faced by many property managers is the ability to limit occupancy in a given facility.

    Our amenity booking feature gives residents the ability to book time slots for facilities that didn’t necessarily require reservations in the past. This includes pools, gyms, other fitness areas, and BBQs.

    Each amenity can be easily configured with its’ own rules: when it can be booked, for how long, by how many, how far in advance, and by whom. Manage everything online and never worry about a double-booking or following social distancing rules!


    Answer the Call of Tech Savvy Residents

    Today’s digital savvy residents want to interact with you as they would with any other businesses or services, and this means they value using online tools for everything from communicating to onboarding to managing fees or booking amenities.

    It is very important to realize that the COVID-19 pandemic is pushing people into a more digital mindset and way of interacting with you, their property manager.

    Our Amenity Booking platform will help you manage resident expectations and be able to reduce the stress and work related to managing your community’s amenities.


    Accept Payments for Bookings

    If your community has an amenity that requires payment (eg. guest suite, service elevator, etc.), you can provide an option to collect that payment online during the booking process. Residents will have to complete the payment process in order to finalize their booking. No more checks to collect, no more checks to deposit!

“I find Concierge Plus to be very user-friendly tool that our residents can start using very quickly. It’s a very simple tool with no complications. I want all of my residents, whether they are young or old to be using the tool. That’s the main reason we selected you. Because of the simplicity and the tool being very user-friendly.”

Nagi Chami, Founder
Tri State Enterprises


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Manage your amenities while allowing social distancing

Streamline the management of amenity bookings for community residents and staff. With a detailed list of common amenities and a calendar view of their availability, this dynamic feature allows community members to book amenities for single or multiple days.

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